Hello ,

Welcome to the 50K Fitness family!

My name is Flo and I am the head trainer at 50K Fitness. As a licensed trainer and nutritionist, I am now your go-to person for all things nutrition, workouts, and supplementation. Don’t hesitate to contact me anytime with questions or challenges. Gladly via email or our hotline 0800 54 12345.

Enclosed you will find our FAQ and the START SHEET.

Please fill out the start sheet carefully, honestly and conscientiously and read the FAQ from beginning to end.

IMPORTANT: Bitte fülle den Bogen nicht vor dem Starttermin aus. Somit sind deine Daten so genau wie möglich. Also I ask you to send me the sheet directly after filling it out, including four photos of you. (frontal, back, side left, side right) (for more on taking the photos, see the FAQ at Check Ins).

I will coordinate your official start date and the beginning of your transformation with you personally in a timely manner.

From this date on, there will be so-called “email check-ins” every seven days – week after week.

By the time of your start date, I will have analyzed your arc and created an individual training, nutrition and supplementation plan based on your goals. I will send you the latter two plans a little beforehand so that you still have enough time to shop for the respective foods and products. Important for a good preparation would be: To-go containers for your food (Tupperware or similar) and a good kitchen scale.

In all the planning, two things are absolutely crucial: Will und Continuity! We want results and without the necessary will to continue constantly, it will not work.

I give you the tools, but the key to success is you alone!

I am very much looking forward to this transformation with you! It won’t be easy, you will curse me on days, but it will be damn worth it!

Strong regards,