V.I.P. Plan

Be the best version of yourself! Through individual coaching sessions, we help you achieve your personal goals. With the right know-how and professional online consulting, we pave the way to your feel-good body. It’s time to make the desire of your own dream body a reality.

Be the person you always wanted to be!

The V.I.P. Plan includes

  • Welcome package
    50k-Fitness Merchandise
  • Training plan creation
    Individual training plans for your body type
  • Nutrition plans
    Individual nutrition plans with times
  • Supplement plan
    Individual nutritional supplement plans
  • HIIT und cardio planning
    Individual cardio and HIIT guidance
  • Contact with personal coach
  • Weekly assessment
    Weekly check-ins, adjustments via email or member area
  • Facebook community
    Access to the private 50k Fitness Facebook group. Share your successes with other members.
  • Training plan guide
    Explanation of exercises, pictorial illustration (especially suitable for beginners)

  • Restaurant meal advice
    Choosing the best out of home options and helping to stay focused anyway

  • Functional training
    Stabilization plans and functional training

  • Professional evaluation
    Evaluation by several coaches and/or professional athletes in the respective segment (bodybuilding, triathlon, etc.)

1 Month


2 Months


6 Months


12 Months